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FLYING HIGH: Harding's career seemed ready to take off in 1985, when at 14 she already was competing in the featured seniors competition. Tom Treick photo

MOVING UP: Competing in her second national championship in 1987, Harding finished fifth in Tacoma. Tom Treick photo

MOVING UP: In 1990, she was second after compulsories, but hampered by pneumonia in the free skate, finishing seventh overall. Tom Treick photo

TRIPLE CROWN: At the top of her sport, Harding is all smiles after landing her historic triple axel en route to the 1991 national championship. Tom Treick photo

TRIPLE CROWN: Harding is flanked by runner-up Kristi Yamaguchi and Nancy Kerrigan, who finished third. Tom Treick photo

NO MEDAL: Harding and her coach, Dody Teachman, were disappointed with her fourth place finish in the 1992 Winter Olympics. Tom Treick photo

HARD TIMES: Problems stalked Harding in 1993. First, she fell in a performance in Phoenix Tom Treick photos

HARD TIMES: A problem with a loose skate blade cost her a chance to win Skate America in Dallas. Doug Beghtel photo

BACK ON TOP: For the moment at least, all is right in Harding's world as she celebrates winning the 1994 national championship in Detroit. Doug Beghtel photo

BEST LAID PLANS: Harding returns from the nationals, accompanied by sometime bodyguard Shawn Eckardt, who later implicated Harding and ex-husband Jeff Gillooly in the plot to injure Nancy Kerrigan. Brent Wojahn photo

ECKARDT VISIT: Harding and Gillooly leave Eckardt's house the day after Harding arrived back from competition in Detroit. Brent Wojahn photo

LENDING AN EAR: Diane Rawlinson, who began working with Harding when the skater was 3 1/2, offers some advice. Tom Treick photo

THE PLAYERS: Jeff Gillooly; Shawn Eckardt; Derrick Smith; Shane Stant; Robert Weaver; Ronald Hoevert; Nancy Kerrigan.

FUTURE TENSE: Even with Rawlinson's guidence, Harding's career has unquestionably been hurt by the investigation into the attack on Kerrigan. Steve Nehl photo